About Us

I.C.S. is a leading performer in the fields of Surface Preparation, Industrial Coating Application, Liquid Coating to Pipe Internals, Valves and Pumps, Fireproofing, Fibreglass Linings, Thermal Insulation, Hot/Cold, Acoustic Insulation and Turbine Insulation

The company is dedicated to providing practical, high quality corrosion protection through the Coatings Division, and energy conservation solutions through the Insulation Division, for all types of industry, utilising the latest technology and equipment.

I.C.S. management has operated successfully in the Middle East for over thirty (30) years, completing many major projects. This success can be attributed in large part to the skilled, dedicated management and committed experienced and resourceful workforce.

The wealth of human and physical resources ensures speedy mobilisation of operations, thereby meeting the wide-ranging needs of Painting & Insulation Industries. Secure financial foundations provide the necessary assurance to clients that projects will be completed on time and within budget. I.C.S.’s combined skills and resources ensure clients can be confident that lasting corrosion protection and insulation targets are always achieved.

I.C.S. endeavours to provide a one-window service for Corrosion Protection and Insulation Services to ensure reduced contract administration and job execution costs to its clients. The majority of the I.C.S. manpower is multi trade trained thereby resulting in reduced job execution costs due to the optimum mobilisation of manpower resources.

I.C.S. has its head office in Muscat Sultanate Of Oman and has a 60,000 M2 off-site Painting and Blasting facility in Sohar with a 300 man dedicated in-house Labour Camp.

The facility provides:

  • Automatic Blasting Facilities.
  • Automatic External Priming Facilities.
  • Fully Enclosed Blasting Facilities.
  • Internal Pipe Blasting
  • Internal Liquid Coating and Glass Flake Application Facilities
  • Internal Girth Weld coating repair
  • Covered Workshops for Controlled Coating Application
  • Electric Arc Wire Spraying
  • Metal Spraying.